BBFF Official Selection: Ghost Of Old Highways

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In BBFF Best Experimental Film Nominee – ‘Ghost Of Old Highways’ a man pursued by an invading army hunts down previous versions of himself amidst the purgatory of a fractured consciousness. The experiential short film is driven by an original score from the artist Lovett, whose song of the same name inspired the script from director Dan Bush, creating a circle of inspiration that traveled from lyric to song, song to script, script to film, film to score, and score back to song.

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Shot on location deep in the North Carolina mountains and conceived entirely on budget of favors and borrowed equipment, the film was literally carried on the backs of its crew – a motley band of indie filmmakers from Atlanta, Georgia, as they battled the rugged landscape and unpredictable weather atop Black Balsam, a 5,000-foot peak near Cold Mountain, to capture a look and tone that exists somewhere between Terrance Malick and Frank Miller.The film explores the inherent struggle within to reconcile the choices one makes. It questions the identity of the hero within the collective American psyche; of the ritualistic traditions of our culture and the need for symbolic understanding of our selves. The surreal narrative of ‘Ghost Of Old Highways’ is set against the distorted dreamscape of the Civil War, a time when this country had turned against itself and into its own worst enemy. It is about regret, revenge, rebirth and retribution. It is about the haunted highways of our past and the ghosts that still linger there.

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