When My Sorrow Died – The Legend of Armen Ra and the Theremin

USA | 1:24:57 | Dir: Robert Nazar Arjoyan | Prod: Matt Huffman | Documentary | 2013 | Australian Premiere | Nomination: Best Documentary / Best Film Nominee
When_My_Sorrow_Died_1 Culture Directors Pick Feelgood Visual Feast

Graphically stunning this is incredibly moving, entertaining, and revealing story of Theremin master Armen Ra’s extraordinary origins. A truly remarkable being, Armen tells his life stories, which read like mythology, yet are painfully true, with the sharpest of wit, a cutting sense of humour, and deep sincerity. His story is encouraging to the discouraged, his music is the soother of the sad, and his mission is to bring beauty and compassion into a world in chaos. He recounts his dynamic journey that mixes rare concert performances, candid interviews, and archive material with the magical power of music that can alchemize ancient sorrow into timeless beauty.

Director’s Bio

Robert Nazar ArjoyanRobert Nazar Arjoyan was born in Glendale, CA to Armenian parents. As a child, he was consumed by rock and roll and feature films, especially those directed by Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg early in their careers. He began playing guitar at the age of 10, and started taking his filmmaking to a professional level at the age of 14, in the early 2000s. For his higher education, he studied cinema at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, and since then has worked as a director and producer for commercials and short films in Los Angeles. He typically chooses to picture edit his own projects.

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