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Films In BBFF’s High Schools Session

Apprentice of the Year

Directed & Produced by Justin Evans

A hilarious tale of a lazy & manipulative tradie who over estimates the loyalty of his long suffering apprentice.

Baits & Hooks

Directed by Luka Popadic

Set against the backdrop of the USSR transitioning from communism to capitalism, two cheeky old friends, set in their ways, prove that friendship and loyalty can overcome all.

Bundjalung Language Detectives

Directed & Produced by Catherine Marciniak

Short documentary on the hard work of two Grafton locals trying to revive their traditional language, lost during the Stolen Generation and subsequent government policies that suppressed Aboriginal culture.


Directed by Damon Duncan & Produced by Luke Robinson

A young girl’s race against time in space and her discovery of family secrets. Beautiful interplay between science fiction and well-developed characters.


Directed & Produced by Charles Williams

A knock-you-in-the-face spoken word piece, delivered by a powerful and captivating narrator, on the rage of a refugee labelled as queue-jumper.

Next of Kin

Directed & Produced by Nicholas Carlton

A story of human connection and the necessity to sometimes break the rules. Bring your tissues for this one.

Not Real

Directed by Michael Nicholls & Produced by Jarrod Theodore

This film brings a real sense of gravity to an 8 year-old’s discovery that Santa is not real. A tale of the loss of innocence, and the responsibilities that come with growing up.


Directed by July Allard, Produced by Alain Allard & Allan Parker

A teenage girl grapples with her alternate lives in multiple universes. A beautifully shot existential piece about the power of choice.

The Autumn

Directed by Xin Lee

Exquisite sketch animation with uplifting music. So simple, yet so inspiring. A great lesson in storytelling for aspiring short film makers.

The Trolleybus-Man

Directed by Jonas Trukanas, Produced by Monica Sakalauskaite

Wonderful film about a mechanic fighting to save the classic trolleybus from extinction. Funny and poignant. Great soundtrack too.


Directed by Maurice Joyce, Produced by Mark Hodkinson and Nuria Gonzalez Blanco

A dark, cautionary tale of a young girl who despises her reflection. Brilliant allegory about confidence and self-worth.