BBFF 2012 Official Selection: Convento

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Convento is more than a film to watch.  Convento is a film immersion.   At the convergence of the rivers Oeiras and Guadiana, along what some believe to be a ley line possessing mystical energies, rises the four hundred year old monastery Sao Francisco.  Its light earthen walls, marked by the sun and time, house a labyrinth of terraces, courtyards, gardens and fountains, all offering secret places to contemplate.  An ancient irrigation system delivers water throughout, a silvery artery connecting all life.

Check out the trailer…

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The monastery is surrounded by a surrealist storybook landscape, an amalgam of desert palms and cacti and a forest’s darker, cooler life, within which animals of all kinds secretly contemplate.  Originally built for an abbot and twelve monks, it is now a home, nature preserve, and artist’s studio.

Convento will screen alongside local filmmaker Sharon Shostak’s Tish Ho.

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