We’ve all heard stories about the First World War: snippets gleaned from older relatives, books we may have read, or Anzac Day celebrations we’ve attended. WW1 was many different battles, from Anzac Cove to Pozieres and beyond. All of them were battles of immense significance to the families of the soldiers. Today, the relevance of WW1 still beats in the souls of new generations as they carry the legacy of parents and grandparents who lived through that time.  This film is the performance of an original poem written by Yvonne Harper, an award winning bush poet. It paints in words a portrait of the places, the sorrows and hardships encountered by young soldiers within: Anzac Cove, the Lighthorse Brigade, the trenches of France.

Screening with Bulkland.

Running time / 08:00
Directed by / Jenny Grinlington