Reparation is a powerful new psychological thriller that delves deeply into how a family copes with the past, what really defines human bonds, and the common struggle to find balance.   The story swirls like a funnel cloud around Bob Stevens — a small-town, Indiana farmer with a three-year hole in his memory. When a mysterious stranger, Jerome, shows up claiming to have been his best friend in the Air Force Police, Bob’s peaceful existence begins to unravel from the outside in.  Bob’s entire family is caught in the storm — but none more than Bob’s eight year-old daughter, Charlotte, who discovers that she has inherited her father’s missing years…  stowaways on her DNA.  So while Jerome is relentless in pursuit of the truth, and Bob’s family struggles to defend itself and keep Bob from coming undone… can Charlotte draw the truth before it’s too late?  As Charlotte comes to learn, “every time something happens that knocks us out of balance, we try doing something that will knock us back in…” That universal theme of balance is the soul of Reparation, a timely film that illuminates the issue of veterans living with post-traumatic stress in a thrilling new way.

Running time / 01:44:19
Directed by / Kyle Ham