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BBFF2016's Primary Program Teacher's Companion

Films In BBFF’s Primary Schools Session

A Boy Called Su

Directed by Vedrana Music & Produced by Rachel Argall

The story of a newly arrived young Chinese Australian, struggling to fit in at school. A great demonstration of how through a shared interest, language need not be a barrier to new friendships.

Aunty & the Bunyip

Directed & Written by Yvette Andrews

A clever sand animation, beautifully narrated, which tells an Aboriginal fable inspired by the Dreamtime stories. A story that all children will relate to and have a giggle at.

Clay Versus Fridge

Directed & Produced by Alako Myles

Hilariously fun clay animation by a young Australian filmmaker. Sure to be a favourite amongst the kids.

Concerto : The Odd Couple

Directed & Produced by Daniel Jernazian

Set against an authentic Australian suburban landscape, two homeless men battle for superiority in a most unexpected way, and in the process discover a kindred spirit.

Heidi at the Foley Artist

Directed by Christian Frei & Produced by Isabelle Zampiero

A young actress playing the part of Heidi in the new adaptation, attends the studio of a Foley artist and discovers just how intricate an art it is.

Hugo Blumfeldt

Written & Directed by Éva Katinka Bognár, Produced by József Fülöp
Set on a distant planet, the idea of humans keeping pets is turned on its head. A clever look at empathy and friendship. This one should get the kids thinking.

Little Kingdom

Directed by Rachel Andersen & Produced by Rachel LIviero
With an engaging performance by the young male lead, we witness the daily frustrations of living in a world as a deaf and mute young man, but also the transformative power of friendship and kindness.

Mother’s Heart

Directed by Diego Barrios & Produced by Carlos H Barrios

A really sweet tale of a young boy struggling to come to terms with his mixed family background and his own identity and family.


Written & Directed by Aaron Ellis, Produced by Lester Ellis Jr

During ‘Marble Season’, the schoolyard becomes a battle ground, but this year, the bullied outsmarts the bully. A great tale of brains winning out over brawn.

The Spring

Written & Directed by Xin Lee

Brilliant use of oil paintings in an animated sequence about the new life Spring brings, accompanied by the perfect soundtrack.

You Are What You Eat

Animated & Directed by Igor Coric, Produced by Stephanie Walsh

Fun animated sequence to accompany a song about sustainability.