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TOWARDS THE EDGE - The films in this program are aimed at a more mature upper secondary audience. Themes covered include sexuality, risk-taking, loss and resilience. Sure to provoke a lot of interesting discussion.


Directed & Produced by Alvaro Martin

Witness the unravelling of a family during the global GFC, through the eyes of a precocious young boy. Contains some language and mild drug references.


Directed & Produced by Nathalie Alvarez

Beautifully scripted and filmed. A story exploring themes of brotherly love, independence and sexuality. Contains mild sexual references.


Directed by Phillip Klimek & Nick Kosakis, Produced by David Pratico

Set in a future dystopia, a father tries to save his daughter who is hunted for her biological evolutionary differences. A fast paced, action packed film. Contains some violent scenes.

In My Shoes

Directed by Mat Govoni & Monique Schafter (Attending Screenings)

A series of intimate accounts from Aussie teens dealing with their transgender identity, covering the reactions they’ve encountered, and awkward questions they’ve been asked by family and friends.


Directed by Patrice Laliberté & Produced by Julie Groleau

A suspenseful tale of a grieving teenage boy, who engages in risk-taking behaviours as his way of coping. Stellar performance by the young lead, who at times can be seen visibly swallowing his grief. This film should create a lot of discussion.


Directed & Produced by Steven Tandy

A really strong film from a young Australian filmmaker.  Strays follows the attempt at connection between two young outcasts, thrust together by a chance encounter.

The Spring

Directed by Xin Lee

Brilliant use of oil paintings in an animated sequence about the new life Spring brings, accompanied by the perfect soundtrack.


Directed by Nina Buxton, Produced by Hannah Samuel

A confronting look at contemporary teenage culture in the age of social media. Contains themes of teenage sexuality, drinking, and power. This should resonate deeply with teenage girls and boys alike.