It’s a Friday afternoon and Ivan, a deliveryman for a spa company, arrives with his two rugby loving assistants, Leeroy and Moose, at the address of their last job for the week – the humble suburban home of a reclusive retiree named Don.

The rugby semi-finals are on and if all goes to plan, they should make it home in time for kick off. But there’s a hitch: a rather des

The boys are baffled. He says he ordered it as a retirement present for his wife, so why would he change his mind? And if that’s not odd enough, after they persuade him to accept the delivery, he spends the whole time they’re installing it moping about like it’s the saddest day of his life.

Ivan begins to suspect all is not right. But being a man who respects another’s privacy, and with the boys champing at the bit to get home before rush hour, he decides to let it go. That is, until they stumble across a sobering discovery..


Screening with The R&B Feeling

Running time / 8:00
Directed by / Will Goodfellow