2016 Films

The Plover

It is 1977 in the suburbs. A time when cool t-shirts ruled and jumping on Angie Primarano's trampoline was the only thing on Henry Arthur Henry's mind. A lone Plover stands in the way of Henry Arthur Henry's dreams and hopes.

The R&B Feeling

1971, the Los Angeles performance art scene is flourishing and among them all, Bob Parks: an energetic young artist from the UK, living with his beautiful and interesting San Fransiscan wife, Myriam Morales. Life is perfect, for a time.

Themes & Variations

A fully CG rendered short film based upon contemporary artworks from artists Yayoi Kusama and Ai Weiwei, the short film explored the infinite possibilities by using 3D digital art to create new “versions” of existing artworks.

Tits on a Bull

Loyalty versus love, fighting for the heart of their team. Set in a women's rugby team in rural New Zealand, Tits on a Bull follows star-player Phoenix as she struggles to choose between her longtime friendship with aging coach Rusty or the new relationship blossoming between her and team captain Melanie.


Community Centre: Thursday 17 - 5:00pm A documentary about Terra Preta, Mars and Poo. Terra Preta is the most fertile soil on this earth, a hermetic secret held by the tribes of the tropical rainforests of the Amazon which transforms meagre tropical soil with permanently fertile earth.


A car park so great it should have its own postcode. This film explores the beauty and emptiness of Australia’s largest car park at Melbourne's International Airport.

You Better Take Cover

Men At Work’s 1983 hit single Down Under is deeply rooted in Australian culture. Not commonly known is that 35 years after the band’s success, they were sued for copyright infringement by music publishing company Larrikin Music.


A boy and his father are emotionally and physically separated on the day earth intermittently loses gravity. The boy is wrestling with questions about his mother's death, while his father desperately tries to find his son as the world is rising and collapsing around him. Produced by Ridley Scott , Michael Fassbender and Eduardo Verástegui.