Experience AR & VR

BBFF is renowned for cutting edge curation and in 2016, our 10th year, after introducing Filmmakers to VR since early 2014 we officially added Immersive Content to our expansive program – to experience the evolution of the film and technology relationship and to explore the new frontiers of story-telling and artistic expression.

We bring together a collection of some of the world’s best Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences to take attendees to other dimensions.


Traditionally Filmmaking has been at the cutting edge of innovation and exhibition whilst being a true collective endeavour, encapsulating a variety of creative skills. 2016 marked a groundbreaking year for the Byron Bay International Film Festival and on our 10th anniversary and we activated discussion, investigation, incorporation and celebration of a fast emerging new form of storytelling – Virtual and Augmented Reality.

ncube8 returns in 2017 with special opportunities for 3 Talented Creatives to explore.


After the success of our inaugural VR Think-tank Co_Lab_Create returns on October 13 & 14 2017, a rich program specifically aimed at the VFX, Film, Gaming and the fast emerging Virtual/Augmented Reality Industries.

VR Awards

Trailblazing immersive experiences sit within our Official Selection and, as with our film program, Co_Lab_Curate submissions are welcome from Creators and Developers looking to have their work in competition.

We have two VR awards;

  • BBFF Best Achievement in a Virtual Reality 360 degree Experience (Interactive)
  • BBFF Best Achievement in a Virtual Reality 360 degree Experience (Linear)

As content and adoption grow we will continue to add other specialised awards in this field.